Energy27’s Renewable Energy Project.

Solar energy uses renewable energy sources and is “environmentally friendly”.Energy production using solar power plants is in good agreement with the concept of distributed power generation (Distributed power generation). This concept implies the presence of many consumers who produce electricity and heat for their own needs, and the surplus is sent to a common network. Over the past five years, the annual increase in energy has averaged about 50%. According to forecasts, by the middle of the XXI century about 80% of the demand for electricity will be met by renewable sources. The energy obtained on the basis of solar radiation will hypothetically be able by 2050 to provide 20–25% of the human needs for electricity, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6 billion tons annually.

Meanwhile, the blockchain technology has significant potential and is able to give a powerful additional impetus to the development of clean energy. Already there are quite a few different startups in the field of renewable energy, experimenting with smart contracts and distributed registry technology. These are only the first results so far, and we are still at the very beginning of a long way from local microgrids in individual micro-districts to their ubiquitous distribution.

A feature of TwentySeven Energy project is the use of Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology, which makes the process of managing solar energy more transparent, protected, eliminating any abuse and falsification.

An alternative to centralized power grids are microgrids (microgrids, smart microgrids, Micro-energy systems). So called devices that form a small, “smart” and autonomous electrical networks, combining several local consumers and energy sources.

Working autonomously in the “energy island” mode, such microgrid (the capacity of which usually does not exceed 10 MW) is able to reliably supply office centers, apartments, small industrial facilities, as well as entire residential neighborhoods.

The Energy27 Platform is an ICO project that aims to bring the investors who want to invest in Solar Energy, together and enhance the number of solar plants across the world. By making use of the investment model, our platform appraises the investors to increase their money by taking the minimal risk and having the maximum chance.

Centralized power grids are a source of significant energy loss. In addition, their serious drawback is the fact that in the event of a natural disaster, an entire city or micro-district may remain without electricity.

Example of Microgrids:

The indisputable advantage of microgrids is the reduction of energy losses, the efficiency and availability of reliable and high-quality power supply. Microgrid technologies are focused on using local renewable energy sources. As a result, there is no need to transport energy over long distances, which reduces its losses.

The Energy27 Platform enables users from the far end of the world to invest in constructing solar plants and have shares according to their investment rates. With using our platform, you will be a part of a bigger group than you can ever be in a real world which allows you to make your investment even if it is a small amount of capital.

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