Installation Of Boilers

There is a lot one has to consider when it comes to installation of boilers. So below we have proper described the entire process of installation of turnkey solutions for boilers. So first and the foremost task is to buy a boiler from any good and reputed boiler manufacturers in India and then go for its installation. Before going ahead on this procedure, just have a look on the below described things which should be considered well in such situation:

  • The budget constraints- about any loans or any other schemes
    • Getting quotes from few best installers
    • Check on the current pressure of the water system
    • The current designing and condition of the system
    • Choose on the specifications of the boilers
    • Check on if any additional pump or radiator is required or not
    • Check on the flushing system of the boiler
    • Go through the efficiency of the boilers

The checklist of installation of boilers does not ends here, it also includes other various factors of a boiler. All the boiler manufacturers in India have a huge variety in the boilers, in specifications, colours, designs and sizes. So below we have discussed about few commonly used turnkey solutions for boilers.:

  1. Combination boilers: these are the most popular ones. These are quite space saving and money saving as well as they do not required much space to be installed. The water pressure is maintained up to the required level. The installation is generally quicker because less pipe work is required in this. The only disadvantage of combination boiler is that several water outlets can’t be opened at one time. These are useful for the people who have flats or bungalows where there is less space on the roofs.
  2. System boilers: this is a kind of sealed turnkey solutions for boilers. These are mainly good for homes where more than one bathroom has to give hot water that too at the same pressure level. Expansion of tank is not required. They give a very high water pressure. And the only disadvantage of these boilers is that these are bit expensive. These are mainly used where there are more than 2 bathrooms and the water could be required in both at the same point of time.
  3. Open vent boilers: these are not available with all the boiler manufacturers in India, are with some of the biggest stores. These are used in type of big buildings or properties. There are two disadvantages of these boilers are, these are lot expensive to replace and even they give low pressure of water. These could be used in the areas where less water pressure is required.

So last but not the least, when you plan to get any boiler installed at your home or anywhere, just get in touch with any professional installer. As they can easily guide with all the requirements and other factors to be considered at the time of installation.