Weather-GDP relation

Pictured is Beyazid Tower, the first fire watch and public weather forecast broadcasting tower, designed by Armenian Senekerim Balyan and built by II Mahmud in Istanbul. The first and second wooden towers were burnt by fire and the latest one is made of concrete. It reflects blue for clear weather, red for snow, green for rain and yellow for fog.

In winter, the rise of the barometer presages frost. In wet weather, if the mercury rises high and remains so, expect continued fine weather in a day or two. In wet weather, if the mercury rises highly suddenly, fine weather will not last long.

Google’s artificial intelligence arm DeepMind has developed a system allowing forecasters to predict the chance of rain within the next couple of hours with much higher precision.

Keeping weather predictable is instrumental to ensuring the world remains inhabitable. Therefore, each development, product and consumption pattern’s long-term environmental impact should be evaluated carefully before mass adoption. The damage resulting from harming the environment repeatedly could be irreversible at some point. Remember, a butterfly can start a storm.



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