Our favorite signature styles from around the world

More and more trends are becoming a global thing. Unlike a few years ago hypes are spreading much faster and on a larger scale. But luckily local influences haven’t totally disappeared. We made a special list for you with our favorite signature styles from around the world.

Paris, Je m’en fous

The city of fashion par excellence. Paris still is the capital when it comes to prêt-à-porter and haute couture. Ever wondered why these French words are generally known?

And what is Paris without its Parisiennes who are defined by their effortless je m’en foutisme. A pair of high waisted jeans, shoes with ankle strap, a tight top, little scarf around the neck and you’re all set. If you really want to go over the top you can add a basket with a baguette. But we suggest you just stick to the basics.

Featuring: Adenorah, Jeanne Damas, Emmanuelle Alt


No fashionistas are more creative than the Capetonian ones. Since they don’t have an H&M or Zara at every corner of the street, nor big flagship stores. They are designated to buy from local designers or just to be creative themselves.

I Am sterdam

If there’s one denim city on this planet, it must be Amsterdam. So Dutch ladies know how to rock that jeans. Besides the blue gold they are quite no-nonsense in the way they dress. Since they’re driving around on their bikes every single day of the year, this all seems quite logical.

Featuring: Lizzy Van Der Ligt, Linda Tol

Italians do it better

This quote has most certainly invented by an Italian. But there must be a truth in the saying since Chiara Ferragni still is the most famous fashion blogger. And Anna Dello Russo isn’t exactly a dime a doze either. Italians just have that natural sense of eleganza. They can’t help it, they are born with it!

Featuring: Chiara Ferragni, Anna Dello Russo, Candela Novembre, Franca Sozzani

Indian Style

When you had a good old Bollywood dresscode in mind, guess again. The local fashionistas know their trends. However fashion design in India is still quite traditional. Think maxi skirts, cropped tops and loads of embroidery.

Featuring: Shruti Thacker, Kayaar Contractor,

Les New-Yorkaises

New Yorkers are definitely the most trendy fashionistas. No wonder that Sex & The City was filmed over here and not in Paris, Milan or London. If you’re looking for real street style inspiration all year long, we suggest you just go for a walk around Brooklyn. You will definitely return inspired (and broke).

Featuring: Leandra Medine, Wewhorewhat by Daniele

The Sao Paulo mix

When we think about clothing in Brazil there’s a rather large chance that the carnival in Rio pops up in our minds. But the country definitely has more to offer than rather small bikinis, feathers and shiny details. Like São Paulo Fashion Week and fashion blogger Helena Bordon for example.

Featuring: Helena Bordon

California rolls

Even without knowing that the state of California is located near the seaside and quite sunny all year long, you will notice it while looking at the Instagram feeds of the best LA-based bloggers. Big shades, short shorts and cropped / oversized tops are a real hit. Beach girls turned into fashionistas!

Featuring: Sincerely Jules, Rumi Neely

Tokyo Manga

If there’s one place on earth where you can go really over the top it’s Japan or Tokyo to be more precise. The Japanse always look like they have just modelled for a real life manga comic. So if we’re talking about a true signature style, the Japanese definitely win the game.

London calling

And last but not least there’s London… we couldn’t write this article without mentioning one of the most important fashion capitals. London is both the city of rock, punk and preppy. It’s Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Galliano, McCartney and Westwood. Style-wise it might be less sophisticated than Paris, less ornate than Milano and not as trendy as New York. But the London ladies there do know how to rock their own style in an alternative elegant way.

Featuring: Alexa Chung, Carrie from Wishwishwish

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Originally published at www.enfntsterribles.com on August 30, 2016.