Places to Absolutely Not travel with your new bae

Adventures is what keeps us all alive and energetic. And travel is a huge part of it. The experience of wandering from big cities to smaller and modest cities brings along loads of joyful memories. It gets more exciting when your new bae (who you met about a month or more) took part . Because secretly we still don’t fully trust strangers.

Taking the brilliant decision to travel with your new bae is without any doubt a step forward towards progress. There couldn’t be a more fanciful way to get to know your new inamorata and do some emotional bonding. Without any outside influences from both circles. Just you and bae spending a petit alone time abroad. Sipping on those cocktails under the sun anywhere but here.

But before you book that romantic trip to an exotic destination think ahead. After much anticipation we came up with a few places you should absolutely not travel to with your new found bae. If you care about keeping up with appearances, you might consider continue reading on. Because avoiding these next 5 places could work in your favor.

South Philippines

In general the Philipines is a very big and pleasant country. And don’t let us get started about the beautiful islands. However the isle has several locations to dodge especially in the south. Where the terror group’s ambition is to kidnap wealthy-looking foreigners. In order to get a high ransom from their families. Or money changers trying to rip you off.

It’s clear that nobody wants to travel looking like a hobo, only to feel more secure. So let’s cancel the thought of planning that trip.

Pasar Barung market ( Bali)

Even abroad local markets are fun to visit. It’s the moment we all reserve to buy souvenirs for our beloved ones back home. Also these markets are an easy access to the culture. Although you don’t want to take your lover to the Denpasar market. Let us tell you why.

Pasar Barung is a bird market in Indonesia. Next to trading the cutest little birds they also do some dirty things, we’re not proud of. Selling illegal birds and other animals captured in the Indonesian jungle. We couldn’t imagine innocent monkeys, cats, squirrels and so on trapped in cages. Sorry Bali, not a big fan of your illegal extinction of these poor innocent creatures.


Once upon a time Benidorm was a quiet, beautiful old Spanish town, nestled in a perfect south-facing bay.

25 miles away from the spanish beach in Alicante you’ll come across the fallen city of Benidorm. What once was a charming Spanish town became a hotspot for the ratchet Jersey Shore crowd. The authorities are doing all what’s in their power to upgrade Benidorm’s status. But for now we’re ABSOLUTELY not booking any flights that direction.

Lloret Del Mar

Like Benidorm, Lloret Del Mar failed us! Mainly known as a post-high school graduation getaway, the chance you’ll make very young drunk friends is huge. And we don’t know if that’s what you need on your duo vacay.

Any fast food joint abroad

With all the restaurants out there you can’t be eating fast food on a trip. That’s not a tale that should make it in your book of voyages. In the end, McDOnald’s or KFC doesn’t exactly exude romance.
 Conclusion, this is no place to take your date to. If you care you’ll do the effort.

Photo Credit : Simon Leech

Originally published at on September 13, 2016.