How and why should Colleges and Universities invest in Mobile Apps?

According to Nielson, people spend 89 percent of their media time on mobile apps and only 11 percent of their time is spent on mobile web. This trend is expected to continue, as 98 percent of millennials now own smart phones and use apps to do virtually everything.

These statistics illustrate the importance of digital devices and there is no indication this cultural phenomenon will slow down anytime soon. If anything, it is accelerating at a breakneck speed!


Go Where the Students Are

If you want to connect with and engage your students effectively, you cannot do it from behind a desk or via a desktop application. Campuses must virtually go where students are spending most of their time. It is no secret that the lives of millennial students is permeated by smart phones. Many of the students do not even own a desktop computer but come to school with a smart phone or a tablet. Students are increasingly choosing colleges and universities that offer a wide range of mobile apps for them to do everything from finding their way around campuses, enrolling in classes, campus security and making fee payments. Students would naturally prefer to perform their tasks in a more user-friendly app that is comprehensive and serves them as a ‘one-stop app’, rather than access multiple apps on their phone. Read more….