Why You Should Star In Your Own Reality Show

This week, Lee and I attended The Power of Video conference at the Waterfront in Belfast. The conference was organised by our good friends at Speedmotion Films and it brought together some of the most influential YouTubers and content producers from around the world.

The star of the conference was Casey Neistat, who to be honest I’d never heard of until last Monday.

Here’s his bio from the Power of Video website:

“Prior to entering the tech space, Casey was an established figure in the art and film world, chiefly known for his innovative and groundbreaking video work. Casey made a global impact with his short film “iPod’s Dirty Secret,” which went viral years before the launch of YouTube. He went on to produce two feature films — winning the John Cassavetes Award at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards — and wrote and directed the HBO series “The Neistat Brothers.” Casey has also created a number of short films for the New York Times’ critically acclaimed Op-Doc series, and Casey’s own YouTube channel has received over 660 million views to date.”

When you start learning about Casey’s world you’ll be inspired and his daily Vlogs are hilarious. Here’s one to get you started…

Last weekend Tom and I drove to Cork (7 hours away) for a wedding and we listened to Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book ‘#askgaryvee: One entreprenuer’s take on leadership, social media, and self-awareness.’ Which takes questions from his popular YouTube show and shares his answers.

One of the concepts Gary shares is the need for brand’s to become media companies. His suggestion is that we should create our own reality show around our brand and product in a similar way to Casey Neistat.

More than everything in todays world the one thing we all yearn for is connection and the ability for video to connect you to an infinite online audience is incredible.

This year we’ll roll out something similar for my wedding photography business and we’ll be doing more and more live video. With tools like Facebook Live and Periscope exploding, you can do the same and you’ll reap the benefits as you grow your audience and increase loyalty among your customer base.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, just keep it real and authentic and you’ll be onto a winner, the most important thing is to get going.

Your reality show could start right now…so what are you waiting for — ACTION!

Donal Doherty is a wedding photographer who loves education and sharing with photographers through Engage Live, speaking at conventions and writing in Photo Professional Magazine and other industry publications. Find out more here www.engagelive.co.