5 Most Popular Themes for Glamorous Indian Wedding in Washington DC

In Washington DC, every year, weddings are getting more gorgeous and glamorous with more newness and novelty. These days’ Indian weddings in Washington DC are found to be incorporating gentler ideas and interesting décor. This helps in keeping things subtle, chic and unique in an Indian wedding. You should always remember that a wedding theme when planned in a perfect way by a reliable and competent Indian wedding planner in Washington DC will prove effective for achieving a glamorous Indian wedding event.

Let us have a look at unique and innovative Indian wedding themes:

1. Bollywood-Themed Wedding:

Do you love Bollywood movies? Have you always dreamt of grand Bollywood wedding? Then by using a Bollywood-themed wedding, you can make your Big day a most memorable one. You will find that there are so many ideas and era’s of movies to choose from like Bollywood style dance entrance or reenactment of a scene from the bride and grooms favorite movie.

2. Consider Theme of Soft Pastels:

Pastels like happy blue and nice baby pink will lead the way this year in every wedding that will add elegance and romance. This wedding theme will have a bit of chic look that will appear as a dreamy and fairy-tale like wedding. You can also use unusual hues like mint or pale yellow colors into your wedding theme that will work wonder in creating a soothing effect and joyful ambience.

3. Opt for Modern & Minimalistic Themed Wedding:

Today most of the Indian weddings in Washington DC prefer themed wedding that focuses to implement simplicity and minimalism. This can be achieved by balancing opulence with elegance that will altogether create a new and unique look. You should always remember that in a modern & minimalistic themed wedding, less is always more, like use beautiful lilies, well crafted sofas and fairy lights but do not add chandelier.

4. Go with a New Vintage Themed Wedding:

New vintage themed wedding trend will come with a twist like using Indian desserts in a French way or adding flowers to your wedding décor in a smarter way. In this vintage themed Indian wedding, you can ask your Indian wedding planner in Washington DC to add floral walls and mirrors that will help in keeping up a romantic ambience.

5. Modern Mughals Wedding Theme:

You can use the Mughal influence in your wedding that will create a beautiful Indian wedding in Washington DC. Your Indian wedding will have all elements of royalty and tradition. It will be great to see the arrangements of tents shaped like durbars and palanquins with a vintage makeover. Engaging Affairs is a one of the reliable Indian wedding planners in Washington DC that always aim to deliver exceptional service for creating a memorable and glamorous Indian wedding. With years of experience and dedicated service today we are also known as one of the premier Indian wedding planners in Northern Virginia.

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