What’s Next for Netflix?
M.G. Siegler

Now that many content owners are making it difficult for them to get the rights to the content people want to watch, Netflix is on a tough position.

Most OTT apps are very similar, to Netflix a big way for Netflix to differentiate themselves besides creating their own content is overhauling the UX. Most Netflix App suck big time. The iOS app, the Apple TV app, the browser experience, all of it is really bad. The UI hasn’t have any major changes in a while. Discoverability is bad, the recommendation engine is not what it used to be, the clutter is unbearable. They should make it easier for people to hide the content they have watched previously, make it easier for people to create filters for the stuff they want to watch, make it easier for people to filter out stuff they don’t want to watch, make it easier for people to discover new content, etc. Most Apps like the hulu, hbo, showtime, amazon, also have terrible UIs. If Netflix improves theirs that can give them an extra edge. At the end of the day, most services are becoming alike.

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