This poem is dedicated to those, those who have felt the mischievous yet painful, awe-inspiring yet dark emotion — Love..
Teach me how to love…

The one who sees, shall go blind,

The one who lost, shall find,

Coin flipped by fate, love,

Shall make you evil, shall make you kind..

Coward who shall be, thou shall fight,

King can’t conquer it, by force by might,

Thou shall do, thou they fear,

Love shall happen to weak, love shall happen to knight..

Love shall kill the lion, love shall kill the bate,

Faceless it is, shall not discriminate,

It strikes when the time is right,

Love is never early never late…

Yet, I shall burn the air, change the fate

God give me the answer, open the gate,

If I should, I shall breathe the fire of hell,

But teach me how to love, smither the hate..

thou shall feel the pain,
thou shall feel the rain,
Love shall be theirs who have,
Bet their all and lost the desire to gain..
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