Welcome: Your personal #sustainability guide. ♻️💥

First, I want to make one thing abundantly clear.

Exhibit A for the world being magical & weird.

The world we live in is complex & magical & wonderful & hard, which means there is no one elegant, simple solution to fix any of the issues we currently face.

The first thing we can do is to practice sitting with the discomfort of not always knowing what to do. Waste is hard. There’s much shame & guilt in seeing the dearth of what we throw away. The concept of ‘away’ = out of sight & out of mind. But, our trash is very…

These friendly, everyday objects are just begging to be asked: What does it actually mean to be recyclable or compostable? Why do we think of these guys as fundamentally good? They want to be seen as complex objects as much as any of us.

So, we sat down with each of them to ask three questions.

Part I: GLASS.

#1: What method of recycling (mechanical, energy-recovery, or pyrolysis) is possible for this material? — — Glass is typically sorted, crushed & melted through pyrolysis. Although quality does not degrade through the recycling process, glass is especially difficult to recycle in single-stream facilities (ex. everything goes in one blue bin), because… it breaks…

Lindsey Engh

♻️ 😍 Trash enthusiast & entrepreneur. More at lindseyengh.com.

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