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There are many things that can lead to engine troubles. But before rushing off to a car dealership to get a new car, think again. If you decide to buy a new car, it means your old one is likely to sit in your yard for long, until being moved to a junkyard and then finally to the crusher.

A better deal would be to get a used engine installed in your vehicle to bring it back on the roads. By getting a replacement engine, you add your bit to environmental protection as you use the engine from a vehicle that was previously wrecked. This way, you save the environment from the pollution occurring due to the manufacturing of a brand new engine.

Cost effective and environment friendly option for car owners

You may think that replacing the engine would be a time consuming and expensive affair. But this simply isn’t the case as SWEgnines.com as this highly trusted used engine supplier of the US has the most extensive rolling inventory of low mileage used engines for a wide range of makes and models of vehicles including that of Chrysler, Cadillac, Hummer, Land Rover, BMW, Jeep, Porsche, Toyota and a lot many. At SWEngines, you can get best fit used engine for your car within minutes, at a cost much lower than a new engine or a vehicle in the similar condition as yours. Swengines has best selection of used engines; most of them come with a 5 year warranty on labor and parts. Diesel and some heavy duty truck engines come with a 3 year warranty.

Here are some useful tips that will let you easily get the best fit used engine for your vehicle.

1. Having the car’s VIN number, engine code and date of production ready will make it easy to ascertain if the engine you are looking would be compatible with your particular vehicle model.

2. Low mileage engines are the best bet as they have undergone less wear and tear. This information can be obtained from the vehicle’s history report.

3. Do not just look at the mileage of the car; instead ask about its history, like how the owner used it on regular basis. Also ask if the engine is ready to be installed right away.

4. Go for the extended warranty to meet any unforeseen eventuality.

Excellent customer care by SW Engines
SW Engines has ASE certified mechanics to authoritatively answer all your questions. Its extensive network of manufacturers, distributors and suppliers allows the company to find a used engine for your vehicle even if it is currently not on the company’s database. They also offer free shipping to all the 48 continental states of the US. Such excellent customer care services have led to numerous positive swengines reviews from the customers about their experience dealing with this highly reliable supplier of used engines. In these SW Engine reviews, the customers have accoladed the company on various aspects, like warranties, fast shipping, most extensive inventory, excellent customer care and best pricing for the used engines

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