One of our core features in our app are publishing a new video message, and we’d like to do all the stuffs in background mode once the users fill in the message text, record the video and publish this message, what component can we use to achieve that? On android if you’d like to execute a tasks in background on Android, no problem, the easiest way is to use Service, however, running tasks in the background might run out a device’s limited resources, the Android OS introduces several limitations on background tasks in the recent releases, so the Service component…



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Recently, I just created and open-sourced an unofficial Medium API, called PyMedium, which provides developers an easy way to access Medium.

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Today I’m going to create an android custom view to implement circular SeekBar like the mockup below, make it as a library, open source at GitHub, and publish it to JCenter. In this post, I will cover several fundamental concepts of android custom view, write a helpful README on GitHub, and how to publish your library.

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今天來分享一個可以從網路獲取資料的技術:叫「網路爬蟲」,英文稱做Web Crawler or Web Scrapying ... (未完)

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最近聊天機器人Bot這股趨勢才慢慢要崛起,之前做了一點觀察紀錄,這次進入實作階段,首先就直接使用Facebook Message Platform做為開始。

Photo Credit: https://messengerplatform.fb.com

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這邊不再維護和經營,會把流量轉到我的部落格去。程式碼如 GitHub 連結:請給星星吧,我需要你們的支持~



... (未完)

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Styletrip Demo版

上圖是我自己第一個新創公司所做的產品Demo,叫做Styletrip,是一個AI旅遊平台,使用者只需要輸入「要去的地方、預算(非必要)和去的期間多久(非必要)」,我的AI就可以幫你安排出一套完整的行程(看圖的右邊),包括要去玩的景點、可以去吃的美食和住宿以及交通,當初為何會想做這個平台?... (未完)

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