New and inspirational ideas for Kids furniture in Kenya

Parents! Make sure your children have their own bedroom when you move in to your new home- be it an apartment or a house. Growing up children need to have their space. When kids have their own room (space) they tend to develop their creativity and they also start to gain a sense of independence. They can create their own comfort zone by selecting their own paints, their own type of hardwood furniture Kenya, their own bedding, rugs, lighting, and wall décor. Giving kids the authority to decide what they want, create their living quarters also gives them self-confidence and trust!

There are a few places you can visit for Kids furniture Kenya but we highly recommend Ashut Furniture. They have a wide selection of things for kids. Bring your own design and watch them replicate it jut the way you want it. Sometimes it’s not easy to please your children.

Children like to spend time in their bedroom sleeping, studying, playing, creating, etcetera. Whatever it is they do in their own little space; their bedroom reflects their little self- their own personality. Once you get into decorating your child’s room, it’s a world of its own and so easy to get lost in it. Stylish, every day, fun, warm and comfortable is what you should be aiming for when it comes to decorating your children’s bedrooms. The furniture ideas that we offer are guaranteed to keep your children happy from toddler to teenager.

Kid’s Beds Kenya are best suited in white, their rooms should be airy and mostly white because their toys add additional color to the space. Large storage boxes with a modern and contemporary twist help keeping the mess out of sight and you could always use those boxes later when your child is all grown up! Make it fun! Add some color- cool curtains, a fun wall paper. Perhaps you could create a theme with the bedroom- well thought selected pieces that will brighten your child’s room. Boy or girl all kids need to express themselves and decorating their bedroom is the best way to help them do it with Ashut Furniture Kenya.

For some reason your child’s room will always be a comfort for you too! Simple toys scattered everywhere, super hero figurines and barbie dolls laying around. How cute! So anyway, getting back to décor ideas for your children. Boy or Girl- the color white is always a good choice for wooden furniture. White colored wooden beds, Book stands Kenya, dressing tables, and storage boxes add a peaceful, comforting and spacious feeling to a room. Yeah, paint the walls or use a funky wall paper- maybe princess themed or even super hero- make it fun! Add rugs, and lots of cushions- plush rugs because kids love rolling around on the floor. Soft cushions and big bean bags for them to lounge anywhere they wanting their room- sounds like a fun room already!

Who said boys don’t need dressing tables- a stylish Dressing table Kenya can be hidden away in a closet. Tucked away but so handy for those combs, and undergarments. The dressing table will get more useful as they grow, so it’s easy for them to adapt into as they grow older. Girls obviously benefit from dressing tables- storage for their little fancy hair ties, hair bands, little make-up boxes, nail polishes, perfumes, jewelry, name it and they got it!

So, mix it up with white, pink and blue accessories, this makes the room look modern. The latest trend for boys is veering away from the monotonous blue and approaching a more creative, and trendy approach for the growing up years! Another recent trend that works well with the white’s is a rustic feel- stained furniture with blue, and pink, and maybe greys and white’s looks fabulous and could last up to their teenage years. Cupboards Kenya with a distressed finish looks stylish, modern, and contemporary. So, we’ve covered some pieces but we didn’t cover a little work desk, and chairs. Every child needs a comfortable work desk and chair- school work is important! Add a pin board as a back drop and ask your child to pin up their cut outs- educational, and personal interest related. Make it fun and colorful. Display their art work to encourage them. Focus on good lighting, kids need good lighting in their bathroom and bedroom- display a few night lights to make them feel safe and secure. Night stands and a good lamp for the work station is a good idea. Keep it cozy with good lighting. Yes, make it fun but also make it look adventurous, and meaningful! Spend time asking your children what their interests are and in that wonderful process go ahead and release your inner child.