How to live in the hearts of people!

Let’s begin with something which is of worth to mention here. Suppose that you worked with a group of people for a tenure of 3 months in a fellowship program, during that period you was interacting with each and every person in the fellowship and was working with some of them in a group. You did a lot of tasks and finally one day you successfully ended the fellowship. So now, after spending a long time with other, do you really think that; you’re a person whom people will remember in their life? Perhaps yes! but is there is any rationale for that? Perhaps no! then Why? I don’t think that I really did something great with the people so that they should remember me in their life.

· I never took care of other’s needs
· I was not helping someone in need so that he/she can got out of their stuff
· I didn’t care anyone and was all the time acting as a selfish

Feeling unhappy? Come with me and I’ll tell you the two golden rules of; how you can live in the hearts of people.

  1. Collaboration: whenever we work in a group of people it is very important to cooperate with others, you put your concerns aside and work for the common goals. If you’ll; help others in the hour of need without any expected payback, be saying welcome when they will be right and finally if you’ll be taking care of other’s needs, they will surely remember you in their coming life.
  1. Sacrifice: it’s not something like slaughtering, but of course it’s something like that; you think you deserve something e.g. job and you got it, at the same time one of your friend was badly looking for job as well. You put your ego/jealousy aside, believe in fraternity and quit for your friend because, you know that you will get another one sooner. Let’s see another example; in 2001 employees at Southwest airlines, including the CEO, took pay cuts rather let anyone go. Southwest “cut pay rather than people” and kept their enthusiasm intact. Their motto, “Not Just a Career, a Cause” wasn’t a meaningless platitude. It was a living breathing thing beating inside the heart of every employee and this is sacrifice.

That’s what the most important lesson I learned during my Amal fellowship (an education startup funded by Stanford University) program. I adopted these rules and won the hearts of people and they’re really going to remember me in their professional life. It’s all about team and ultimately you become a most valuable team player.