Characteristics of Expository Writing

Expository writing explains an idea and thing with a thorough analysis. It is written to instruct or enlighten people and also includes relevant evidences and mainly, it gives a clear conception about the topic. It is a type of essay that requires a thorough investigation, along with the delineation of the idea. The structure of this kind of essay will always be concise, clear and cogent. However, in schools, students usually write expository essays. Essays, reports and articles all come under this category. In detail, scientific reports, reports, encyclopedia articles, term papers are expository writing.

Information and explanation are two main aspects of expository writing.

Characteristics of Expository Writing:

• Descriptive: It is one of the main features of this essay. Science related writing needs a background description. However, description should be written about a thing or a process and it is usually done chronologically or hierarchically.

• Illustrative: Illustration is essential in this kind of essay and it should be relevant. Explicit references need to be included to support the theoretical points.

• Explanatory: The pertinent theory should be explained to support your points added in the essay. To perceive results, the reasons are evaluated and the entire explanation should be supported with suitable information.

• Analytical: It is an imperative part of an expository writing as through this process, the topic is broken down into parts in order to categorize.

• Clarity: It is the important aspect of the expository writing. The idea or thought of the author should be clearly mentioned in the essay.

• Unbiased: The approach of the essay should be unbiased.

• Impersonal: The first-person pronouns should not be used in this essay.