Kinds of Adverbs

Adverb is a part of speech and it describes the verb, clause or another adverb in a clear manner. It explains how, when or where any incident occurs/occurred/ will occur.

Example: The examples are mentioned in the essay nicely.
The furniture was completely shifted from the old house to new one.
I visited my hometown recently.
The boy met with his girlfriend on her birthday surprisingly.
However, Adverb is categorized on the basis of the information it provides.

Here is list of Kinds of Adverbs,

1) Adverbs of Manner: This adverb explains the way or manner of each occurrence.

Example: The student has solved all Math problems accurately.
She carries her dress gracefully.

2) Adverbs of Place: This adverb explains the place of action, where the occurrence was happened or will happen.

Example: The boys are playing cricket outside.
The college students are trying to reach the top of the hill.

3) Adverbs of Time: This adverb states the time of each occurrence.

Example: My grand mom had died two years ago.
May I leave now?

4) Adverbs of Degree: This adverb represents the degree at what level some occurrences were done or will do. Example: she is very pretty as well as calm.
The method to solve this Math problem is entirely wrong.

5) Adverbs of Numbers: It represents the order of occurrences.
Example: I saw my grandfather once.
Firstly, students should focus on their studies.

6) Adverbs of Frequency: This adverb explains the frequency of the incidents.
Example: I hardly go to the theater.

We visit hill stations frequently during the summer.
7) Adverbs of reason: This adverb indicates the reason or consequences of any incident.

Example: He did not revise properly, hence he got poor marks in the exams.
The boy filled the registration form, consequently he took coaching for the exams.

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