Persuasive Writing Format with Sample

Persuasive writing is also referred as the argument essay and this kind of writing includes logic as well as the reasons. Here, it represents one idea that is more legitimate or valid than the others. In brief, it shows the contrast of the ideas. It is written to impress the readers and allow them to take a point of view. However, this kind of essay should incorporate the facts, examples, logical reasons, etc.

Before starting the persuasive writing, students should choose their position or side that they are going to explain by referring an issue or problem. The purpose of writing this kind of essay should be clear. Students must analyze the audience as well as they should research the topic thoroughly. Moreover, students should collect and include specific evidences related to the topic. The structure of the persuasive essay is important and it should be organized by keeping in mind the purpose, topic and audience.

Some essential criteria of persuasive writing are mentioned here.

• The topic should be well-chosen and the valid information about the topic should be included along with the examples.
• The approach of this essay should be debatable.
• Opposing argument should be disapproved by showing the contrasting evidences.
• The writer’s position must be supported by adding relevant evidences. However, students can support their arguments by including statistics, facts, examples and quotes.

Persuasive Writing Format:

  • Introduction: Sentences that engage the reader’s attention should be included in the introduction. Additionally, 2–3 sentences should be included to elaborate the thesis statement.
  • Body: Body paragraphs should be concise and informative. Topic sentence or main idea should be included in each paragraph. The relevant facts and quotes can be added in the body along with the concrete details. Counterstatements should be incorporated in the body of the persuasive essay.
  • Conclusion: Conclusion or the last paragraph is important in persuasive essay writing. Conclusion shows a summarized view or perception about the topic. The thesis statement should be restated in this paragraph. The added points as well as the arguments are tied together and finally, the conclusion presents an acceptable information.

Some examples of Topics:

School uniform, smoking, drinking age, profession sport, big families are best, healthy lunch and others.

Based on the format, each topic should be elaborated in a precise manner. Suggested sentences should be included by following -‘This shows’, ‘This demonstrates’, ‘This proves’, etc. Transition sentences must be included along with the suitable words. However, a logical argument should be available throughout the essay. The sentence patterns must be compact and coherent.

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