Types of Imagery

Imagery is a literary text, which is used by the author to explain the situation or things in a precise manner. Through the imagery, the author represents the clarity or excellence of each thing. It appeals the readers’ mind and helps them to understand the depth of each creation. In short, it adds an allure as well as grace to each work. The right implementation of imagery occupies all senses of a human body. On the other hand, through metaphor, it expresses its concepts to the readers. The right application of imagery in writing can engage all the five senses. The right use of words evokes sensations such as the heat of the fire, the sound of the railway station, etc.

However, there are seven types of imagery and each one relates to sense and feeling.

Visual Imagery: It is the most common imagery and writers can easily create this by describing anything in a detailed manner. It is said that it is one of the common form of imagery.

Olfactory Imagery: This imagery is concerned with the sense of smell. It describes the detailed of things such as the dirty sport socks, a cup of ginger tea, etc. It is said that the sense of smell gives a long lasting memory to the readers.

Auditory Imagery: It is related to the sense of hearing. Authors use this imagery by writing the situation in a clear manner. For instance, the sound of raindrops on the roof, the sound of nursery rhyme.

Gustatory Imagery: This imagery is concerned with the taste. It gives the sense of taste. Writers carefully choose this imagery.
For instance, I have eaten chilled mangoes kept in the fridge.

Kinesthetic Imagery: This type of imagery is the broadest one as it is concerned with the physical interaction with the body. For instance, cold, heat, internal emotions and others. Through this imagery, writers can express the feeling of riding roller coasters and others.

Tactile Imagery: It represents the sense of touch by referring the ‘hardness’ or ‘softness’.

For instance, the upper part of the bed mattress is hard like a stone.
The bed sheets are white as snow.

Organic Imagery: This kind of imagery is about the recreation of the internal sensations such as thirst, hunger, fear and others.

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