What are Parts of Speech and their Functions

Words are important elements of each sentence and based on their function, words are classified into eight types of parts of speech. However, 8 important parts of speech are noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction and interjection.

Noun: This is the easiest one among the eight parts of speech. The words that refer the names of places, things, persons, animals, events and others are known as a noun. Students of the elementary classes first learn this part of speech.

John is a nice person.
It is my mother’s birthday.
Here, John and birthday are noun.
However, different types of noun are there in English grammar.

Proper Noun - It starts with a capital letter and it signifies the names of places, persons and things.

Examples: Park Street, Robert Pattinson, Piano.

Common Noun - This kind of noun is opposite of the proper noun.

Examples: car, tv series, book, etc.

Concrete Noun - This kind of noun can be felt through five senses.

Examples: sand, dust, etc.

Countable Noun -It refers the things that are countable.

Examples: ball, flower, kite, etc.

Collective Noun - This type of noun refers the group of things, persons or animals.

Examples: class, faculty, folk, etc.

Mass Noun - It is also referred as a non-countable noun. However, these nouns are used with counters (kilo, meter).

Examples: Flour, rice, etc.

Abstract Noun - This kind of noun cannot be felt through five senses.

Examples : happiness, sorrow, bravery, etc.

Pronoun: It is always used in the place of a noun.

Examples: I, he, she, we, they, etc.
 This big copy is mine.
 She is not interested in learning music.

Verb: It is one of the main parts of speech as it gives the completeness of a sentence. It refers state of being or an action of the subject.

Examples: He is an intelligent student.
 Gaurav missed the flight.

Adverb: Adverb usually modifies the verbs and adjectives and sometimes, it describes another adverb.

Example: Riya has completed her tasks smartly.
However, different types of adverbs are there in English grammar.
Adverb of Time: She came to home yesterday.
Adverb of Manner: Radha performed on the stage gracefully.
Adverb of Degree: She is very rude in nature.
Adverb of Place: I searched my notebook everywhere, but could not find it.

Adjective: This part of speech describes the noun or pronoun in the sentences. It adds more information about the size, quality and the number of noun or pronoun.

Examples: I have two nice dresses.
The birthday cake was delicious.

Preposition: It adds the location in the sentences and it describes more about the subject.

Example: The cat is hidden under the study table.
She reached at the restaurant before me.

Conjunction: This part of speech joins the words, phrases as well as clauses and makes each sentence interesting to read.

Example: This sweet is good to taste and well-shaped.

Interjection: It refers the words that show emotion.

Example: Hurray! We got the first prize in skit competition.