Writing Process in English

Writing process is a sequential system of writing something in a right manner. By following some basic grammatical rules, students can write an essay, or report, or short stories, etc. However, writing skill is important to express your views and opinions. English syllabi are designed in such a manner that improve students’ understanding level as well as their writing and reading skills. Different exercises are included in the syllabus to improve the overall skill of writing. Students must practice the exercises and relevant sample papers and other study documents so that they can enhance their skills in an adequate manner.

Children are born writers and they prefer to write something on a paper. After getting a proper guidance, they can write on each topic in an interesting manner. Thus, they can have a better learning experience during their school days. In schools, teachers usually give some instructions and allow students to follow that while writing on the topic. Sometimes, educators make some small groups and engage the students in writing some creative things, including essays, reports, stories, letters and other things. By following some strategies, a student can become an independent writer. However, teachers follow a writing process that includes some steps and guides students from the starting to the end before publishing his/ her creation.

However, these steps are mentioned below and students can apply these for all forms of writing.

Pre Writing: Before starting anything, students must understand the purpose of writing, the types of writing and other relevant things. They should choose some words as well as the title. Additionally, they can select the audience for whom they can write the specific articles, essays.

Drafting: The first step to accumulate the ideas is known as drafting. It is also referred as the rough draft. Students need to write their ideas on the paper without thinking about the grammar and corrections.
Editing by the friends: After making the rough draft, students can show it to their friends to get their ideas on that. They can discuss the whole idea with their friends and can change the words for better understanding of the reader.

Revising the Entire Write Up: Revising is an imperative part of the writing process, where students can evaluate their write up in a thorough manner. Keeping in mind the process taught by the teachers, students must revise the content.

Final editing: At this stage, students check the spelling and grammar and finally, sit with the teachers to get feedback.

Final Drafting: After making all corrections, students give the writing to the teachers to get the final suggestion. Teachers can give the final suggestion at this time.

Publishing: This is the final stage when students publish their articles/ essays in a neat and clean manner. They can send their write up to the children’s magazines, as well.