Take the CUTEP Reading test. Cannot translate or not catch the point

Proportions for the Reading Part in the CU-TEP are very high. Compared to other types of tests, 50% of them are referred to or based on the Reading

List. There are three reading sections in the CUTEP reading section.

1. Cloze Test is a way to fill a gap in the Passage and find the most suitable word from 4 Choices. There are 1 Cloze Test. There are 15 questions . And Joe agrees that it’s the hardest part because all this stuff is measured in terms of structure, vocabulary, and the relevance of both.

The new CU-TEP exams are outdated. Most will focus on vocabulary and relevance in CUTEP reading. Another way to do that is to use the Synonym of the word is not the difference will lose the score again. Because the test may give a similar translation. All come in 4 Choices. The problem is already seen in CUTEP reading because you have to be able to choose words that fit into the passage, not just the meaning of the meaning. The type of content of CUTEP reading, but also the level of Passage language, is also a matter of course. This type of exam requires continuous measurement of the passage. So one important recommendation is to try not to do that in CUTEP reading. Hey, let’s do it first (unless it’s about the connector), because there is a lack of continuity in reading the test items. I lose a lot of points. Good way I know it before. What about what level of vocabulary is around? Then do the sort. Do not stumble frequently Let your brain see the continuity of Passage. Are we all looking good together?

2. Short Passage This is a short passage of about half a page and then answer the question 5 of Joe, I do not like this short in CUTEP reading because it does not mean that the short is a little water, the meat is readable for a long time. We really just read a single sentence, then 3 out of 5 points, you say good for CUTEP reading.

3. Long Passage We try to keep the power to do this offline. Because I have to do 4 Passages, one Passage is about 1 page, then answer 10 questions in CUTEP reading, so this section. There are 40 points to choose from. There are many academic passages in CUTEP reading in which many of our top majors will be in the medical world or medical editions. Sam came up with the genre. History The humanities So read and understand (the essence) is not enough to be prepared and prepared with Passage in each field too.

This part does not have to argue, the main problem is not done, but the experience of those who read it is often caused by.

1. CUTEP Reading — Translating, CUTEP reading — Translating, and so on. Discontinuous reading

2. With another type, read the first question and then get answers from Passage . Can not do this Since there are many questions asked as an overview of the Detail really Choice was the Restatement already. Another question often asked whether it is right or wrong for the Passage did not know where to find it by Choice as it did.

So Reading Part is to read effectively (Effective Skimming) is to read and catch what is important, what is not important to focus on where to cross.

The 3 main factors that professors like to recommend to succeed in this part CUTEP reading .

1. Structure structure is good from the Writing Part, so I want to start from the Writing Part before we have a good structure. Which caught out Verb genuine Which Verb not genuine part where. Extension is over In addition to faster CUTEP reading. I have not been questioned by the type of mind.

2. Vocab Vocabulary is an important collection of not lose Structure, although the high test. Do not measure straight words But we want to guess from the Context, but if less vocabulary accumulated less rigid structure. Know what to guess But that does not mean the end is over, so can not be overlooked. How to browse vocabularies is also effective . ( Learn more in WORD ME UP Online Interactive Software … Software to explore new terminology on the theory of brain recognition. Develop vocabulary with usage structure ) during CUTEP reading.

3. Luck , I’m not wrong, but I do not mean to guess. But that means go in and see what Passage is, so be prepared and prepare as well. Practice various types of Passage and familiar with the vocabulary. Help us a lot The vocabulary varies from one subject to another, so it may be different . For example, an appendix to a student, I would like to add an addendum to a student who is a nurse, a doctor, an appendectologist.