Your Vote Counts! SXSW PanelPicker is Open

Last year I went to South by Southwest (SXSW), the big daddy of digital culture where the worlds of interactive media, film and music collide for a week each spring in Austin. (This year it’s March 9–18, 2018.) The 2017 conference was chocked full o’ amazing, forward-thinking information that continues to help shape the work my digital creative agency and I do to this day, nearly a half a year later.

A huge part of what makes SXSW such an incredible, unique gathering is the importance the organizers put on community input and involvement. Their PanelPicker® was created so that the public can both enter proposals for daytime programming (happening NOW!) and vote on those presentations they want to see.

I was so inspired by the opportunity to play a part in this awesome event that I’ve submitted a presentation to PanelPicker, and I need your help in getting it to SXSW 2018.


I’ll give you great reason why to vote for my presentation: as a small business owner who specializes in creating digital strategies for other small businesses, our voice matters.

While the world’s largest brands and biggest international speakers dominate SXSW, we need to be represented.

We always tell our clients, “as your digital marketing partner, we’re equally committed to your results.”

How to get those desired bottom-line results, even if you’re not a gigantic name brand with infinite budget and massive reach, is really what we specialize in — and it’s my dream to share actionable insights to help companies of all sizes to get the biggest bang for their marketing buck.

Here’s a brief outline of my SXSW panel:

Topic: Brand Message, The Finer Details & Driving Results

Description: Businesses & brands must capture and communicate what they bring to THEIR partnerships with THEIR clients and customers:

  • WHY their products/services are special
  • WHY people need what they have to offer
  • WHY their story matters

As an agency, we have to listen to their dreams, understand their goals, analyzing their objectives and come up with innovative, results-driven marketing strategies to maximize their business opportunities.

Questions I’ll address:

  • How do I develop a strong brand message (the big WHY) that rises above all the other noise on social?
  • How to deliver on client objectives without compromising the creative process?
  • Should I turn away clients that don’t align with my defined purpose and philosophies?

In addition to casting your vote, you can help ensure this important topic be part of the discussion at SXSW by sharing this information on your social platforms, and encouraging your friends and networks to cast their votes.


Thanks so much for your support, and leave a comment below if you have questions.