Turn Off the Bubble Machine!

When I began my business, I really liked the website of Bublish. I even used their color scheme in my own site’s design. Bublish was an educational content site, meaning it sold its services based on educating the clientele. As a former Online Instructor of the Year while teaching college, I knew this was a superb way to gain an audience and qualify that audience for your projects-to-come.

Next, I liked the “gimmick” of allowing the authors who subscribe to the site to “bublish” their titles with samples or short excerpts for readers to enjoy. This is basically the time-honored concept of “Look Inside” that places like Amazon have instituted to make them the prime distribution and sales giants they are today. Without seeing what you’re going to buy, the intelligent reader will pass the content by.

However, I did call it a “gimmick,” didn’t I? Why do I say that? I believe it’s a gimmick unless the sample or excerpt can reach the intended audience where they read. This is the key difference between “Embellisher Marketing” and Bublisher Marketing. Whereas the online bubbles provided by Bublish may look pretty awesome to the browser crowd, unless there are enough mobile platforms being reached, then the best book in the world will not get the sales it deserves.

The main component of our mobile marketing system is the Embellisher eReader. You want bubbles? We can give you bubbles. But, we can also deliver your bubbles to the 90% of American readers who own a cell phone. Also, you won’t just be one author in a collection of different authors on a closed website, as is the case with places like Bublish.

This is what really makes Bublish’s system a “gimmick” marketing tool. With the Embellisher eReader, we provide a complete reading system and marketing system that becomes the client’s own platform, which can be tailored to suit the client’s specific needs and niche purposes.

For example, when you “bublish,” you create an online account in the developed HTML platform created by the techs at Bublish. Yes, you are now on the Internet, but you are not an individual author with individual content being marketed to the widest possible platform audience for your niche or genre.

Reading HTML content from the Internet on a mobile device is a horrible experience. We tried it. That’s why our Embellisher was developed. Now, the reader can read on his or her iPhone, iPad or other mobile device without a content reading problem.

Next, Bublish has only one type of social marketing gimmick at its disposal. I am not saying social marketing doesn’t work, and I’m also not saying a gimmick is a bad thing. It’s just that readers want to see you and your content as an “individually branded” specialty item, and it’s this quality that really separates us from places like Bublish. We educate all of our members in the Embellishment techniques of using .epub3 or “multimedia” marketing of content.

Multimedia marketing means our clients have access to the latest “gimmicks” the .epub3 technology has at its disposal. This includes:

· Marketing collateral with interactive elements, embedded videos, tutorials, tours, and other multimedia.

· Promotion campaign for your next book, product or family gathering/celebration.

· Membership also includes a free marketing and editing consultation from our editors and our social marketing specialist.

· Whether you have a single enhanced eBook or a complete collection of eBooks and products, we can deliver them to your niche market.

We do not advertise our client’s content on the Internet the way Bublish and Amazon do. We restrict that content to the audience our clients want to sell to. How do we do this? Once again, it’s our eReader, the “Embellisher” that makes the difference.

Do you want to see instant results for your marketing effort?

Do you want to sell by text message?

Do you want to track your users’ response?

Do you want to use multimedia with no problems?

Do want users to share your content?

These are the questions we ask our potential clients at EMRE Publishing. But, unlike Bublish, we make it a private affair and not a public sharing party. We believe sales should take place between the individual business and author and their client/reader.

The core of our business model is the “Embellisher” eReader app:

We will not only put our enhanced digital content into more mobile reading devices (cell phones, tablets, iPads, etc.), we also pinpoint the client’s niche audience so that their content gets the most “bang for their marketing buck.” More readers will be able to view your digital content with a minimum of formatting errors and few technical glitches.

Reading content with embedded videos, music soundtracks, sound effects, Google maps, and animations will revolutionize mobile publishing. There will also be no streaming problems because everything will play on a local server.

Our Embellisher eReader application can convert any digital content you have and make it readable on a mobile device. For example, if you publish a bunch of newspapers or magazines, you can put your entire collection inside our app, including your back titles or archives, and your potential readership is now growing.

We can also market one eBook or two million eBooks depending on our client’s wishes. We can include samples, preorders, and complete online reading for a subscription price.

We can include promotions, ads, and any other marketing creation the client has. It all can go inside our Embellisher app — and it can include all the multimedia one needs for a most creative and entertaining read.

Here are some embellishment ideas we’ve created for our clients.

With each client, we assign both an editor and a developer with whom they will be consulting all during their embellishment project. This is where the education is really valuable. Designing .epub3 content is so important and cutting-edge, unless you have a one-on-one consultant working with you, the final product will not be worth the investment.

We are not like Bublish and the Los Angeles Dodgers, it seems. We don’t waste a lot of “hype” blowing bubbles online or in the dugout. We save our final product for our client’s eyes only. After all, the relationship between the “creator” and the “reader” should always be a private and meaningful relationship, and this is what we strive for at EMRE Publishing!

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