Moving to Stockholm…

An introduction

So, it’s early 2017, I just turned thirty years old, and I decided to move to Stockholm. Lots of personal and professional circumstances came to a head at just the right time and culminated in an amazing opportunity to relocate to this wonderful city.

Maybe I’ll tell you all more about my circumstances further down the line, but all you need to know so far is this; The purpose of this blog is, A) to keep me occupied in the couple of months I’ve taken off before I start working again, B) to document my experience and hopefully help someone else with the practical points of moving to Sweden along the way, C) create a little guide of all the things I love doing in Stockholm, which will probably consist mostly of coffee, beer, and food. Maybe a little exploring and iPhone photography. Parts of this blog may turn into a tourist guide, parts may turn into a food blog (hopefully not too pretentious and hipster, for I am not bearded, nor of rolled-up trouser leg, nor boat-shoed and sockless), or alternatively it may just fizzle out and disappear as this is my third attempt at blogging.

In moving here, I came upon a lot of information about how to move to Sweden. Some of it was helpful, but some of it was deeply misleading and could send one off on a wild goose chase. I’m hoping to clarify some of these points through my experiences.

Hopefully I’ll update a couple of times a week so watch this space.

Finally I’d just like to thank the following people for their support in this momentous move – my amazing girlfriend Malin, without whom I’d probably be living in a cardboard box in Vasaparken, and also have lost my marbles tying to navigate this crazy place. My parents, for their constant faith in my abilities despite my occasional doubt. Malin’s family, Hans, Eva, Thina and Joacim for being my Swedish support structure and accepting me as one of their own, and my friends, especially Mike, who helped me to put all this in perspective and realise that the world isn’t, in fact, all that big, and we should ‘coger el toro por los cuernos’ and crack on with life.

Tack för att läsa min blog, vi ses snart kompis!


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