Driving While Mexican

Black friends have told me about “DWB” for years. Today I experienced DWM — Driving While Mexican.

I was picked up at San Francisco airport this morning by Juan, a Mexican guy driving an old Toyota Prius for Uber. I gave Juan the address of a private residence in Atherton, where I was going for a non-profit board meeting.

As we took a turn off the main road in Atherton towards the meeting location, a police cruiser turned in to follow us.

Juan clearly saw the cop behind us, and drove very carefully. Coming to complete stops at intersections, waiting, and then continuing to the next intersection.

When we approached the house, the cop pulled up beside us. He rolled down his window and growled at Juan — “Where do you think you’re going?” Juan said he had been looking for this address. The cop said “You missed that last stop sign”.

I’m 100% sure that Juan did not miss the stop sign, as I was paying close attention to them, knowing that the cop had been tailing us for five minutes.

I rolled down the window behind Juan, and told the officer that it was my fault that we were driving slow, as I was not sure I had the right address.

When the officer spoke to me, he became very polite, and then went on his way.

Was this a case of DWM? I can’t say for sure, but I think it was.

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