My first uberPOOL

On my way to meet Sameer Gandhi at Accel’s sporty new office in SF, I decided to try uberPOOL.

I didn’t think I could love Uber more, but this POOL thing is crazy awesome.

My driver Fatou picked me up outside San Francisco Public Library (which seems like a great place for homeless people btw), and along the way, got a request to pickup Kiona.

Kiona actually used to work for SideCar, but now uses both Uber and Lyft, whichever is cheapest.

I wonder how the sleazy NYC politicians paid off by the medallion owners are going to deal with uberPOOL, as it will clearly destroy the city claims that uber adds more congestion than taxis.

ps, here is Kiona (on her way to get her haircut)….