Uber Commuter for Directed Drivers

A way that uber could get ten times more drivers would be to introduce a new “Uber Commuter” feature as follows…

When someone gets in their car to drive to work, they could let the Uber Partner app know that they will be traveling from Point A (current location) to Point B (work or other).

The Uber app would only notify such drivers about passengers who are hailing for a ride along the driver’s already planned route.

This feature would allow your average commuter to share their car with people without adding any real time to their trip. An additional driver benefit is that it would often let them drive in a faster carpool lane.

As a very part-time Uber driver myself, I would like the ability to tell the Uber Partner app where and when I need to end up after my shift, and then having the app only notify me of passengers who would not cause me to miss my next appointment, whether that is being home in time to cook dinner, or meeting friends at my local pub to catch a ball game in time for the opening pitch.

(Note — both of these features would require a passenger enter their destination before the app would be able to hail these “directed” drivers.)