Enjoying the little things in life

In this day and age, everyone is busy with winning the race of life. So many things need to be done in so little time and as the days go by, we stop noticing the things around us! But… There is plenty to enjoy! And our students took the time to write some of the things that they love. We hope that they will bring a smile to your face and help you see and remember the things that make life beautiful!


It is always hard to remember something special, that brings you happiness. For some people it can be a sport or dance or singing in the shower. But my secret hobby is a little bit strange.
I like to take pictures. But I don’t take pictures of people or places. I enjoy photos of the sky. It can be an amazing dawn or magic sunset or just beautiful clouds that remind me of dogs, rabbits or pieces of pizza and things like this. I am attracted to colors and shades of the beautiful sun rays. My little collection of pictures brings me some kind of relaxation. I look at these photos and think that no matter what happens, the sun will come tomorrow and everything will be alright. Just like in the Beatles song.

Irina Petrova

Here is the answer to the question “What are my life priorities today?”. My father once told me that happiness for a person consists of two things. The first thing is the desire to go to work, when you like your work and you want to go there. The second is the desire to return home. When you have a loving family at home and you want to return there after a hard day at work. And, I’m still working on the first one. I have a good job, but I think this is not the limit for me. As for the second one, I have a wonderful family — a loving wife and a beautiful son, who will soon turn 5 years old. They are my main reason for living and everything that I do, I do for them. So, my answer to the question “What are my life priorities today?” is my family!

Denis Vernigor

What inspires me?
I am inspired every day when I wake up. Earlier, I didn’t like to get up early in the morning. But now everything has changed.
 I understood how much time I was losing. Most recently, I began to appreciate the time, because it goes very quickly. My day begins early, after a run that inspires me for the day ahead. I listen to educational audio books, they motivate me. After jogging, I take a contrast shower. And further, while my oatmeal is cooking, and this is 30 minutes, I meditate, tune in to the new day. After meditation I write a wishlist, minimum 10 points. Every day they can be different, the main thing is not to look at the previous page.
Then I reward myself with breakfast, this is a delicious oatmeal with fruit.
After such an active morning, my day passes easily and confidently.
That is what inspires me.

Ketrin Nitsenko

Hello, friends! My name’s Maryna. I’m 28 years old. And I want to tell you about my job and a little part of my life. I was born in Kharkiv and I am very proud of it. I love my country, that’s why 3 years ago I decided to work in the police. This job always requires steady strong and cold mind, good health and physical shape. Maybe this fact will be funny, but every time I began work with a cup of coffee and then we started saving the world . In 2014, I first become a donor of blood. This thing was important for me. Unfortunately, a lot of people in Ukraine don’t understand this. I hope, that help and charity will be more popular among the people in our country. Now I continue to develop my skills in law and I hope, that my job will be a help to people.
Maryna Zubkova