Why Did You Come to Taiwan?

I want to answer all of these now so that I don’t have to in the future. I’ve even thought about getting a T-shirt with these questions on it. Heres all the 常常問外國人的問題…

  1. Why Did You Come to Asia?

I have four main reasons for coming to Asia. 1) To learn a language that was very different from English. 2) A chance to expand my world perspective. 3) I wanted to marry a Filipino girl. 4) The opportunity to do travel photography.

Coming to Asia has done wonders for my photography.

2. Why Did You Choose Taiwan?

Japan is cold. I’m not a fan of Korean culture. Thailand is crazy. There are very few opportunities in the Philippines. China? No Way.

Taiwan is full of opportunities and the weather is great. The people are friendly and it’s safe here. If you go online and see what foreigners have to say about Taiwan, it’s 90% good things.

I like the police culture in Taiwan. Needless to say, it’s much different from America.

3. How Did You Know About Taiwan?

I was browsing English teaching jobs and I saw an ad for Taiwan. I thought, “Where the hell is that?” Then I did a google image search and was amazed at all of the beautiful scenery here.

4. What’s your job in Taiwan?

Just take a guess… There’s a 99% chance that you will be right.

5. How Much Money Do You Make In One Month?

Taiwanese people always think that we are rich. Yes, compared to the locals our salary is high. However, people don’t consider the fact that A) Unlike most you, we pay our own bills and don’t live for free with our parents. B) We only get paid for about 25 hours per week, but between travel time and preparation, we work almost 40. C) It costs us over a month of pay if we ever want to see our families.

6. How long have you been in Taiwan?

I came here on Valentine’s Day 2014.

7. How long do you plan to stay?

My original plan was to stay for one year and learn some Chinese, meet a great girl, and improve my photography skills. Then I could go back to the US and live happily ever after.

Well, after a year passed I wasn’t satisfied with my Chinese ability, was still single, and thought I could still improve a lot in my photography. Plus, I still can’t imagine leaving Taiwan without missing it a lot.

So the short answer is: I have no idea.

8. Where Do You Live?

When I first moved to Taiwan I lived in 桃園市. It was so boring there. In 2015 I moved to Taipei. I like Taipei much better. However, I do miss driving my scooter!

9. Do You Like Taiwanese Food?

I am not a picky eater at all. I will eat most Taiwanese food. There’s some stuff I tend to stay away from, but I love stinky tofu.

Here I’m eating a bird head in Wulai:

10. Do You Have A Girlfriend in Taiwan?

I’ve encountered four types of girls while dating in Taiwan:

  • Girls who have no interest in foreigners or think we are all crazy.
  • 西菜妹. At first you’re excited because they like you even though you’re a foreigner, but then you find out they like ALL foreigners.
  • Nice girls with poor to moderate English ability. This sounds like a perfect match at first. People will say, “You guys can teach each other English and Chinese!” However, it’s hard to love somebody without a real connection. And building that connection is pretty difficult when the deepest conversation you can have is 「你最喜歡吃什麼?」
  • Girls I like a little bit, but then lose interest for after one month.
  • Beautiful women with great English and wonderful personalities with zero interest in me.

So, no I do not have a girlfriend in Taiwan. I think I still need to do some improving and maturing before I can meet somebody that I really want to be with.

11. What Do You Think of Taiwanese People?

If you drop money on the ground, they will risk getting hit by a car just to get it back to you. If you’re walking in the rain, they’ll give you an umbrella or even invite you in for a drink. Taiwanese people must be the most friendly and warm people on earth.

12. Which Country Are You From?

Many people guess that I’m from Europe based on how I look and act. My French friends joke that I’m French because I don’t dress poorly like the people from my country, which is the U.S.

13. Where in the U.S.?

I’m from a small town two hours north of Chicago, in the state of Wisconsin. We are known for hunting, cheese, beer, and dairy cows.

Here’s me trying to fit in at home:

14. Why Are American So Fat?

I guess it’s a combination of things. People mostly blame it on the company Monsanto, the fact that we drive everywhere, and poor nutrition education.

15. Do you have a gun?

No I don’t, but some of my friends and family enjoy guns.

Here’s me with my friend’s semi-auto shotgun:

16. What Was Your Job in America?

I joined the military so I could go to college. After college I worked for Fox Sports Florida doing behind the scenes work for sports games. However, I only did it for a couple of months before coming to Taiwan.

My Air Force days.

17. Can You Speak Chinese?


18. How Did You Learn Chinese?

At first I had a tutor that I met once per week. Then I took a 4 month course at 台大. Now I just chat with friends to practice and play a study game on my iPad.

19. Do you go to the bar and drink everyday?

When I first came to Taiwan I would go to Luxy on Wednesday’s and Babe 18 on Sundays. I guess I had a bit of a drinking problem. Since then I’ve slowed down quite a bit. Lately I go to the bar maybe once per month.

I don’t remember taking most of these.

20. What do you do in your free time?

I really like hiking. Taiwan has so many trails and mountains to explore. Plus it matches perfectly with my photography passion. I’m also big fan of video games, standup comedy, and reading non-fiction.

Well, did I cover them all? If not feel free to ask me in the comment section below. I hope this lets you get to know me a little better!

Stay tuned for my first English lesson post coming soon! In the meantime, please follow and share this blog!