By: Kevin Beaulieu

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What is a “native design system”?

“Native design system” can be broken up into two parts: “native” and “design system.” Starting with the latter, a design system is a collection of reusable components, tokens, and other design standards that can be used by both designers, to guide their work, and software engineers, to speed up the process of implementing UIs. A native design system is specifically a design system built for native iOS & Android apps. In the case of Thumbtack’s design system, Thumbprint, our native design system shares much of its content with its web counterpart, but there are native-specific concerns factored in as well.

Why now?

Thumbtack has had a web design system for awhile now, but as the company has shifted its focus towards our native apps, it felt incomplete for our design system to only include components for our website. …

By: Brian Terczynski

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Automated testing is an important part of software development. Developers should always write tests for the code they produce. This not only ensures that their code is correct, but will also help catch any future regressions as the codebase evolves.

Unfortunately, developers do not always do a good job of this. Often, they will only write tests for simple, happy-path cases. They will not cover edge cases, error cases or even different branches in the code. There are even times when developers do not write tests at all.

Code Coverage Reports

One way to catch insufficient testing is with code coverage reports. Code coverage reports indicate which instructions were executed when you run your tests. In particular, you can use them to know which instructions were not executed, which can give you insight into which test cases should be added to properly test your code. …

By: Mark Andrew Yao

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Thumbtack helps customers search for the right local professionals to get projects done. Our search product collects project details from customers and matches them against preferences from professionals. …


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We're the builders behind Thumbtack - an online marketplace that matches customers with local professionals to accomplish their projects.

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