Notes About Machine Learning

mechine learning

Few years ago people think computer can act like human such as speaking, thinking, make a decision, imitating a pattern human work in intention in this article computer help difficult human task or the task requires high accuracy, example fishing robot in winter, rainfall predictions, count cubic water and many more.

John McCarthy

According to John McCarthy, Artificial Intelligence experts “the science and engineering of making intelligent machine”. Another opinion about AI computer systems that are capable of doing work that requires human intelligence such as visual perception, decision making and language translators. Ai a general concept about how to make machine that can think smart, able to learn from any input into computer resulting in an accurate outcome.

Machine learning involving several science discipline such as statistics, mathematics, computer science even neurology. Simple concept Machine Learning is computer programming to achieve specific criteria or perform or action by used data set pas experience, the core of machine learning is how to create computer can solves various problems and can learn like humans.


Discuss a little about big data 3Vs, Volume, Velocity, Variety. Will related to this article, very large amount of data so that in the data processing process a large storage is needed and more specific analysis is need. Volume organization submit collect data from any resources included business transaction, social media or from a sensor. Velocity data access performance. Directly proportional with data, data access fast is required to getting information in the data storage big data itself. Variety any format data it’s not only text or data but another format file such as music, image, sound format, csv and many more another format file in the data storage.

All data collection in the data storage such as image, accountant report, numeric data, audio and text getting from user or collection data for research, data has been stored is not left stay in there. Data will studied for specific purposes, with volume, velocity, variety from big data 3Vs, machine learning hoped can learn by very large data great fast acceleration learning with variation format data.

DailySocial survey about smartphone users’ responses to chatbots for customer service

study case the implementation of machine learning example chat bot. Survey by DailySocial in 2017, which was attended by around 1018 smartphone users. In the survey, a number of things were concluded. First, consumers in Indonesia mostly have a high dependence on customer service, both to provide assistance to services that are served or complain. although not many are convinced of the benefits of chatbot-based services, respondents claim that chatbot-based customer service automation will provide many benefits, one of which is related to speed in service.


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