In Person Drop:

The project which was assigned by amal in person drop cv. For completion of this project. I with my two friends decided to drop their cvs in person in nestle and near by companies. First of all we went Nestle they said that HR Manager is busy in meeting.There is no permission to see any person to HR.If you know him personally call him personally and then he will call us then we will allow you.But we did not have HR number so we dropped our cvs with cover letter at reception. After that we went to Ravi Autos.But at this time we also know HR name. We told that we want to meet to Mr.Sajjad Ahmad.He allowed us to go to HR office.we went to assistance of HR and we said that we came from Lahore.we had recently completed Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering.We want to meet HR Manager. We came here for in person drop cv. At that time HR manager was busy with guest. He said that at that HR manager is busy with his guest.he will free after one hour.You gave me you cvs I forward them. But said that we wanted to meet him personally. After almost one hour,we met with HR Manager.I introduced myself .HR manager asked some questions from me about my intership. Basically Ravi Autos are vendor of AL-Ghazi tractor.I did internship in AL-Ghazi Tractor. I also asked him about his company what types of challenges is facing now a days. He said that our company is facing quality problems. Our quality department and production department are not in same direction, because of this last time our product lot came back due to quality problem. In person drop cvs I was mentally and physically prepared. I dressed up well. I have all equipment in interview like cv and cover letter etc. After the thirty minutes interview, interviewer really appreciate my internship in AL-Ghazi Tractor. He said that we did not have any slot yet. In future if any vacancy will available we will contact with you. It was great experience to me.I have learnt a lot things. this interview helped me to apply the amal principal for the successful interview. I hope they will call me for job. From in Person drop I learnt many things.First of all I was really confuse how i can access to HR Manager. It was big challenge for me.Interview before HR Manager is very interesting,because basically Ravi Autoes were vendor of AL-Ghazi tractor.I did internship in AL-Ghazi Tractor.He had told me that now a days we are facing Quality problems.He also said that our quality department is not working good that why last month our client rejected our lot.I also gave him some suggestion, he really appreciate them.I think it was very good experience for me.

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