Earn a living while working for a cause

Engrams are a group of neurons in the brain neural network that light up under a given stimulus

Example of a cause

A process and a tool

  1. Convince yourself the worthiness of the cause (i.e., worth your time and resource solving it.)
  2. Reach out to as many people as you can to get feedback on the significance of the cause and your initial set of solutions. The more you can convince yourself in step 1, the more people you should be able to reach out.
  3. Find a first “co-founder” for the cause.

Some notes about the technologies

Manyverse app on Apple’s App Store

Invite yourself and your potential co-founders

User experience when first install Manyverse App
Share invite via text or email to connect to the engrams.net room
Room peers are the ones you connect via Engrams.net Room Server

A social network for a cause

Engrams Admin Peer





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