The DAO manages the quarterly distribution of the collected fees (coming from the Ownership and Integrity registries) between the tokenholders of XEG (Engraved Coin). The exchange rate is 1 EGR = 100 XEG, so if you are holding 1,000 EGR you will finish the process with 100,000 XEG.

This is a tutorial for MyEtherWallet but you can reproduce these steps with any other Ethereum interface.

Step 1

First go to the “Contracts” tab.

1.1) Write the EGR token address in “Contract Address” :


1.2) Fill in the “ABI / JSON interface” with the following code:


1.3) Then, press “Access”.


The Engraved’s smart contracts were deployed on February 3rd (AOE). By approving our proposal, the Engraved Token (EGR) property will be transfered to the new DAO after being unlocked.

The DAO manages the quarterly distribution of the collected fees (coming from the Ownership and Integrity registries) between the tokenholders of XEG (Engraved Coin). Everyone owning EGR tokens will be able to exchange them for XEG after the approval with an exchange rate of 1 EGR = 100 XEG. We will address this topic in a future post next week.

The voting period will last until Saturday 10th.

The transaction that…

Step 0 provides a web client that you can use to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. You can create a new wallet in the main page If you don’t have one yet. Otherwise, go to Step 1.

First, you have to put a password.

You can download the keystore file in the next step after pressing the “Create a New Wallet” button, keep it secure. Now press the “I understand. Continue.” button.

When sensitive data is distributed, an integrity validation system is needed to ensure inmutability. Software distributors usually provide checksums for its application releases. These checksums can be recomputed with the file in posession. If both checksums are identical, the obtained file can be concluded to be an exact copy of the original one. This approach can be extended to other domains where verification is required.

Verifying the integrity of an engraved file is as simple as obtaining a cryptographic digest of the obtained file and query the Engraved Integrity contract. If a record is present, information about the file will…

Although formal registration of a work is not required to the author in order to acquire its rights, having a trustworthy evidence is crucial to prove the authorship. In practice, being the first to register the work.

Engraved offers a solution to make copyright registration trustworthy and secure as it is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

We have already mentioned some of the advantages of Engraved over a traditional copyright registry

Around 475,000 works are registered yearly only in the U.S. Copyright Office with fees from USD 35 to USD 55 per work. This number represents a very small fraction of the total works created in a year in the United States and much smaller in the World. Specially taking into account small original works which are not formally registered: amateur photos, blog and social media posts, open-source developments, graphic designs, music, videos, etc.

“Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.”

Thank you for your support. The Madness Airdrop will start in around 5 hours. Please, make sure that you have enough ether for paying for the transaction cost. E.g., 85,000 gas @ 1Gwei ~ 0.00009 ETH, @ 19Gwei ~ 0.00171 ETH.

Recommended gas limit: 85,000
Address: 0xc4c09770dC5b44F11ecb3ab78DfE563d28F03392
ABI / JSON interface:
Method to execute: claim

The full guide and the countdown are available on

You will have to be fast, only the first 500 transactions will be accepted after the Madness Airdrop begins.

Remember that if you cannot get free EGR tokens today, you will be able to participate in the Angels Day (October 30th). Then, you can exchange ether with Engraved Tokens (EGR) sending them to the same contract address (0xc4c09770dC5b44F11ecb3ab78DfE563d28F03392) at a special rate of 100,000 (hundred thousand) EGR per ETH.

We will keep you informed.

Good luck,
The Engraved Team

1. Price

Less than a quarter Dollar. The registration price is many orders of magnitude lower than a formal registration ($35 to $55 at the U.S. Copyright Office), making it accessible to everyone and for works which were not often registered beyond a copyright notice.


A Trustworthy Distributed Platform for Copyright Registration and File Integrity Verification

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