5 advantages of Engraved over a traditional copyright registry

Oct 17, 2017 · 2 min read

1. Price

Less than a quarter Dollar. The registration price is many orders of magnitude lower than a formal registration ($35 to $55 at the U.S. Copyright Office), making it accessible to everyone and for works which were not often registered beyond a copyright notice.

Quarter Dollar Coin

2. Speed

It is fast. Obtaining the receipt of a registration certificate may take several months. However, engraving it takes just a few seconds.

3. Confidentiality

The work can be registered without being showed to a third party. An irreversible cryptographic digest is performed on the work and will act as a PoE (Proof of Existence). However, secure vault IPFS-based storage will be available if all the minimum funding levels are reached during the crowdsale.

4. Time accuracy

The work is recorded in the blockchain associated with the timestamp of the block in which the transaction was recorded, giving greater accuracy.

5. Security

It works on top of the Ethereum blockchain with more than 25,000 active nodes. As the platform is decentralized, it is less susceptible to catastrophic loss or failure or even hacking.


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A Trustworthy Distributed Platform for Copyright Registration and File Integrity Verification

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