How to get EGR tokens during the Engraved crowdsale

Step 0 provides a web client that you can use to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. You can create a new wallet in the main page If you don’t have one yet. Otherwise, go to Step 1.

First, you have to put a password.

You can download the keystore file in the next step after pressing the “Create a New Wallet” button, keep it secure. Now press the “I understand. Continue.” button.

Now, “Save Your Address.”.

Step 1

You need enough ether in your wallet to participate in the crowdsale (gas price of the transaction + amount of ether to exchange for EGR).

In the next steps, you will see how to send ether to the Engraved Crowdsale to buy EGR tokens. Visit our website ( to get informed about the sale periods and exchange rates.

First, go to “Send Ether & Tokens” tab and open the keystore file selecting previously “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)” on the left panel. Select the file through “Select Your Wallet File” put the password and press “Unlock”.

Step 2

Put the Engraved Crowdsale address in “To Address” (0xc4c09770dC5b44F11ecb3ab78DfE563d28F03392) and write the amount you want to send in ETH, with a minimum of 0.01 ETH. We recommend a minimum gas limit of 100,000 (hundred thousand). You can change the “Gas Price” in the top bar (the transaction will be faster with a higher gas price). Finally, press “Generate Transaction”.

Step 3

Now press “Send Transaction”.

Step 4

Finally, you have to confirm the transaction. When the transaction is completed, you will get the corresponding EGR balance in your account.

You can check your EGR balance on

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