Our DAO proposal (the voting process)

Feb 7, 2018 · 3 min read

The Engraved’s smart contracts were deployed on February 3rd (AOE). By approving our proposal, the Engraved Token (EGR) property will be transfered to the new DAO after being unlocked.

The DAO manages the quarterly distribution of the collected fees (coming from the Ownership and Integrity registries) between the tokenholders of XEG (Engraved Coin). Everyone owning EGR tokens will be able to exchange them for XEG after the approval with an exchange rate of 1 EGR = 100 XEG. We will address this topic in a future post next week.

The voting period will last until Saturday 10th.

The transaction that created our proposal can be found here. The proposal indicates the DAO address whose code is available on GitHub and Etherscan (0xc1415827ce9d43fd58349ccbaa189bc58fc21d8f).

Below, we explain how to vote using MyEtherWallet (MEW) to interact with the crowdsale contract.

You can review the Engraved smart contracts in our GitHub profile.

Step 1

Go to the “Contracts” tab.

Step 2

Put the Engraved Crowdsale address in “Contract Address” :


Fill in the “ABI / JSON interface” with the following code:


Then, press “Access”.

Step 3

Select the “vote” function in the “Select a function” drop-down.

Step 4

Choose “True” to vote in favor of our DAO proposal or “False” to vote against. Then, you have to choose a wallet with EGR tokens. For example, we will choose the “Keystore / JSON File” type and unlock the loaded file with the correct password. The weight of your vote is defined by the amount of tokens you have.

Press “WRITE”.

Step 5

You can leave the proposed value for the “Gas Limit” (be sure that you have ether enough to pay for the gas). Then, press “Generate Transaction”.

Finally, press “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction”.

Have a good week,

The Engraved Team


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