Today is the day, airdroppers.

Oct 22, 2017 · 1 min read

Thank you for your support. The Madness Airdrop will start in around 5 hours. Please, make sure that you have enough ether for paying for the transaction cost. E.g., 85,000 gas @ 1Gwei ~ 0.00009 ETH, @ 19Gwei ~ 0.00171 ETH.

Recommended gas limit: 85,000
Address: 0xc4c09770dC5b44F11ecb3ab78DfE563d28F03392
ABI / JSON interface:
Method to execute: claim

The full guide and the countdown are available on

You will have to be fast, only the first 500 transactions will be accepted after the Madness Airdrop begins.

Remember that if you cannot get free EGR tokens today, you will be able to participate in the Angels Day (October 30th). Then, you can exchange ether with Engraved Tokens (EGR) sending them to the same contract address (0xc4c09770dC5b44F11ecb3ab78DfE563d28F03392) at a special rate of 100,000 (hundred thousand) EGR per ETH.

We will keep you informed.

Good luck,
The Engraved Team


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