Abdul Sattar Edhi

My Experiance from Abdul Sattar Edhi

The Abdul Staar Edhi is one of the popular presnalty of Pakistan who is the founder Edhi foundation a charity group. He was the self learn and had strong willpower. He spent simple life and aid the poor and needy people whole the life. As Edhi said that his friends preferred fashionable haircuts and wear the stylish shorts to become popular among the colonials and influence them. But Edhis father teach him that Appearance is a distraction and simplicity give way to develops humility and truth in abundance and also insisted that the simplicity is the only beneficial way of life. So Edh’s principle to influence the people was different from his friends that. Edhi believe on following life principles.

1- The change only comes through hard work

2- He also believed that the willpower is the sign of good leader.

3- Learning comes through self study, such as he read books of world leaders to learn about the revolutions as he studied the history of Muhammad (PBUH), tragedy of Karbla, Lenin’s implementation of Marxist Philosophy etc.