Three Bitcoin faucets that can make you earn tons of BITCOIN every day


First of all, we are making a calculation:

For example, the price Bitcoin is $1,000,000 in 2020 -2021 for 1BTC [1 satoshi (bitcoin) = 0.01$]

If you are making each day 30,000 satoshi's that you are actually earning 300$/day but only matter is time

You understand, why doing struggle now to earn pennies, can make you very wealthy in the future?


CoinPot is top paying faucets nowadays. Actually, CoinPot is the micro wallet and have seven altcoin faucets.

CoinPot is a multi-currency micro wallet and also you can exchange any altcoins to another altcoin within CoinPot micro wallet, it totally free. You can also mine the all coin by using your computer’s CPU.

1-Moon Bitcoin

2-Moon Dogecoin

3-Moon Litecoin

4-Moon BitcoinCash

5-Moon Dash

6-Bit Fun

7-Bonus Bitcoin

How can work on CoinPot?

Step # 1: Sign here (

Step 2: Sign up every faucet with the same email which is already registered on coinpot. these faucets are already connected to your CoinPot, can be received cryptocurrency from all the faucets automatically.

Step 3: the last step is cash out from CoinPot, you will convert all coins into dogecoin or anyone coins to easily cash out every week. My scenario look here

Min $900: No Referrals, 100% loyalty, this level activity at one claim per day
Mid $10478- 100 Referrals, 100% loyalty, this level activity at 48 claims per day, the same level of activity for referrals
MAX $69,748*- 500 Referrals, 100% loyalty, this level activity at 288 claims per day, the same level of activity for referrals, This is an upper limit.

for more detail Click here

2. Cointiply

Sign up here for Cointiply

Cointiply is another highest paying faucet & offer-walls and you can here also earn tons of bitcoin every day and easily pay out to your Bitcoin wallet / account.

You can spin & win 20C to 100,000C every hour. If you want more earning, use my experience is by winning a survey which takes only 3–20 minutes and gets 3000- 10000 Satoshis for it.

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Sign up here for Cointiply

3. &

Another two faucets, easy as cake, and earned pretty fast is & Easy to sign up, you can earn up to $200 & $150 every hour. And get 50% referral earning amount for the lifetime. I have already cashout from and still in progress

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Sign up here for &

if you SING UP on all these faucets. You can earn constant all day.


Have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I will answer them with pleasure.