Good Quality in life will make you Success

As Quality has played an important role is every aspect of life as well as products and services, so quality is one who can achieve in his/her life will lead to his success in every field of life. Managing quality in your life is not an easy task because there are many hurdles which break down your goals to achieve this but remember one thing that every thing is in your hand that how would you manage it.
So i believe there is only one main hurdle that comes across your quality aspects that is time the one who lacks behind the time or try to move faster then the time he/she will not be success in any aspects.
So here are 5 TQM principles which i have applied in my life.


BEFORE TQM: As far as quality related to my work i had done any type of work without thinking about the outcome of it, and also i had no proper information about the work and i would start randomly doing my work, with out having a proper plan i would like to start my work so the end result was always not achievable at first time i would try several times to complete my work that ultimately causes the poor quality of work.

For Example: Before TQM, i was not to be able to score good marks in my exams and always facing issues.
AFTER TQM: After applying this technique to my life i am now able to produce a quality related work, this is all done through the proper planning of work according to time and using proper resources for particular work. So it would help me to manage my work according to standards.
For Example: After TQM, Now after understating the concept of Quality i will perform my work with good planing and doing things right at first time.


BEFORE TQM: Decisions are very important in the life of every persons, so its better to make those decisions which would ultimately helps you at the end, before the concept of quality i was not a good decision maker in my life because i would use to take decisions without going to its deep meaning or without focusing the output for that decisions and i don’t take any suggestions or get help for making decision weather the decision would help in my future life or not.
For Example: Before TQM, i cannot be able to make good decision for doing certifications after my engineering because i was always confused to make decision.

AFTER TQM: After the applying of concept of TQM in my real life i would be very helpful to me to make good decisions regarding my career and my future life this is because that now i believe on the fact based decisions for making any decision i would focus on his long term outcomes.

For Example: After TQM, i would now able to make good decisions like i have to do certifications in Supply chain management like CSCP, CISP etc


BEFORE TQM: Before the concept of TQM when ever i had a task to complete it i would just focused on the completion of that task no matter how but i have to complete and after that i did not focus on my mistakes and not try to improve it just covering all the work on the average time.
For Example: Before TQM, i was just focusing on the passing marks in my exam and just focus on the clearance of the semester and achieving average marks
AFTER TQM: After the concept of TQM it helps me to improve continuously in every filed of life and this helps me to not a put full stop at any task go always make it better than before you did. And continuous improvement is a process not an event that occurs only once and a person constantly evolves into being more mature, better equipped and possessing more wisdom, If you deliberately plan this learning, you will accelerate growth by choice.
For Example: After TQM, By applying the concept of TQM now i m focusing on the continuous improvement and setting my targets that to only achieve is not a good thing but to achieve in a best way and keep moving a head with improvement will make u more success.


BEFORE TQM: Communication in most important factor that would help you to move to a successful growth, communication gives the confidence level and enhance the knowledge, so earlier i had not focus as much on the communication point of view, my skills and the way of communicating is much more different.
For Example: Before TQM, i would not be able to communicate with every one very easily. and i have some shyness inside me that would reducing my confidence level as well.
AFTER TQM: After the concept of TQM it helps me to improve my communication skills and give me a confidence to talk to any person at any time with full respect, it would also helps to build your good impact in front of the listener, it would also helps me to handle silos very easily.
For Example: After TQM, this would helps me to improve my communication skills and interpersonal skills also.


BEFORE TQM: Before the concept of TQM i would rather use short term approaches for my life and i had mostly made decisions for very short time frame that would not be helpful for me and that was the reason that i was always in trouble at the end and cannot focus on my current activities.
For Example: Before TQM, i was using a short term approach which would have benefit for very short time frame. if my bike was not working fine i would repair it just normally to continue my work for that particular time.
AFTER TQM: I formulate strategy for becoming a total quality individual. and i also design measurable goals for self-improvement. and i have focused on long term planning for my future by having a proper information and Establish specific objectives and be proactive about achieving them. Make sure that plans are tabulated for measurement purposes.
For Example: After TQM, i have now focused for long term approach like if my bike will not in a good working condition i will make it 100% in good condition to continue my work for as long as more time period.


So applying TQM in our personal life would helps to increase your performance level at any aspect of live and make you also internal satisfied through living a proper and standard life. And thus you can achieve your goals very easily and you can become a successful person.