Where Are the Grownups?

I am fascinated with politics. The conduct of its major and minor players reminds me of the behavior of a naughty child. They are petty, petulant, focused on retribution, and most importantly, they lie. ALL of them.

I am super liberal, but regardless of that bent, everyone is guilty. I just happen to dislike the policies and platform of the American right, so when they lie, it’s the lie and the goal the lie is trying to achieve that bothers me. People lie all the time, for good and bad reasons. To be shocked that these people are exhibiting a human behavior that is inherent to us all, is insane.

What bothers me is that people refuse to acknowledge the lie. You can agree fundamentally with the goal that the liars are trying to achieve, without pretend like there’s a big conspiracy in calling out the lie. If you children lie, even though you love them, it’s imperative that you call out and correct the lie. We have a responsibility as the adults in their lives to try and help them reach their goals without predicating success on dishonesty.

Yet, every day in this country, I go on Twitter and see people defending lies that can easily be proven. They say it is all fake news, or haters, or ideological differences. Even when the proof that statements are a lie is 45’s OWN words and voice, people are quick to blame others. And, given that the GOP touts personal responsibility, why would they make excuses for him? They even go so far as to tell us what he meant, because God forbid you take him at his word.

John Kelly did it with the controversy around 45’s call to a grieving widow. Sean Spicer did it with the size of the inauguration crowds (one of hundreds of examples). Sarah Huckabee Sanders did it with 45’s statement about the U.S. having the highest corporate taxes in the world (again, one of many examples).

And, when 45 and his supporters lie and someone does call it out, they attack. The biggest bully in the world is married to a person who wants to stop bullying. The person who calls Kim Jong Un crazy is also the only person crazy enough to engage in base behavior with him. The same guy who believes the military should be respected is the only president who has flagrantly and openly taunted military veterans. The same guy who is telling you that we cannot let immigrants into the country, in part because they take jobs from Americans, owns a company that lifted the cap on guest worker visas and asked for 76 of them.

Now, does the fact that he is a liar mean that Hillary Clinton isn’t? Of course not. She is the same person who put super predator out there in the world, and then acted like she didn’t say it. A lie of omission is still a lie. She lied about whether or not she received classified material on her private server.

But, I do think his are worse. And, here’s why.

  1. Because I agree with liberal agendas — duh! Where you land in the partisan divide peppers your perspective. Look at Fox News’ response to Harvey Weinstein. Now, bump it against Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly and how they handled that.
  2. Because Hillary is capable of contrition. I am not a fan of hers and didn’t want to vote for her because of the super predator comment. But, she realized the lie (or, the negative impact of her beliefs), and ran on a platform that gave us an opportunity to address the impact.
  3. Because the reason why a person lies matters. I don’t like Hillary, but I think hers is more a misrepresentation of factual events. 45 lies with no foundation grounded anywhere in an actual fact.
  4. Because his end goal is self-gratification. How can he get what he wants? Be it money, power or attention, he lies for personal goals, not for the benefit of others.

Some of you may say that none of this matters. That, a lie is a lie. That they all suck (and they do ALL suck). But, some suck more, and 45 has taken sucking to a stunning new low.

Let’s chat about it in a few year, if the world survives that long and dude doesn’t start a nuclear war. When 45 is hoarding all the money in America, international businesses have left the country and the economy is in the tank, we really will NEED to make America great again. Or, even functional. This bullshit is a steepening descent into the abyss.

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