The Variable

According to Webster dictionary online. a variable is

not consistent or having a fixed pattern; liable to change.

I know that we utilize this word when referencing the unknown in mathematical equations but what if we apply the same concepts to our own personal experiences. When we stop to explore this concept as it relates to life, we find that variables are the things that affect us the most.

Variables are the things in our lives that change without our knowledge. They are unknown. The unexpected things that happen to us that propel us into a new season or even derail us from the current path that we are on. Variables can be tricky because you never see them coming. They change our way of thinking and ideals before we know that we have changed. The only way to see the effect of a variable in your life is to look back and reflect.

The unexpected things that happen in our lives may not be as detrimental as we may think. The experiences may serve as catalysts for personal growth. It all depends on the way that we choose to handle the situation.