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About Trump vs Clinton, they are both for the same thing: a Conservative-Liberal/Liberal-Conservative agenda. Am I wrong?

Here is the breakdown on Conservatism vs Liberalism:

I think we have a problem with what conservative is and what liberal is, and why we have become what we are.

Conservative vs Liberal confuses me. We are all conservative and liberal at the same time. Plus we’re either Conservative-Liberals or Liberal Conservatives. We all want law (conservative), but at the same time, we want the right to do as we wish (liberal). Or am I wrong?

We all want the preservation of life (conservative), but when it interferes with our life, we want it eliminated (liberal).

Years ago we didn’t need health insurance. It was payable during the 1940–50s. But, since the on-slot of insurance companies and law suites, it has skyrocketed. The US is the most expensive health care nation in the world (not the best, but the most expensive); 10 times more expensive than any other country. US medical care ranks 37 in the world. The top 5 are:

1 France
2 Italy
3 San Marino
4 Andorra
5 Malta

England #18. Germany #25 where I live. The stats may have changed since I stated them here from the WHO.

Back in the Nixonian era, I sat around a table of doctors before Medicare, and listened to their palaver during a 4th July celebration. They couldn’t wait for the enactment to take place so they could gouge the government. These were a bunch of conservatives speaking. And this was enacted by Conservative people for a conservative industry. Nixon said, during a conversation with my father and several cronies: I will not enact a law (referring to medical insurance), unless it is profitable to the industry. Voila: Medicare, Medical Insurance — and since then, it’s gone out of sight. I remember medical insurance for my family and I, cost $50 a month, and my employer paid half. This was in the 1960–70s before Nixon took office.

LIBERALISM in industry has caused the run away charges of the medical and other industries. This is called Laissez-faire capitalism: controls on everything but industry. And this is CONSERVATIVE thinking.

I see it as a cause for NAFTA. But NAFTA didn’t start with Bill Clinton. It started with Nixon when he opened up trade with China. And ever since then, jobs have been leaving the US. Don’t blame it on NAFTA. It’s just another way around a problem: industrial controls: conservatism wanting liberalism.

What I have to say about low taxes on industry: It’s all BS. It’s just another means to Laissez-faire liberalism. The problem with American taxes isn’t about too much; it’s about they’re too complicated. The US has Federal, State, and local taxes, and God only knows what else industry has to pay taxes on. In German, where I live, they only have ONE tax. Complicated taxes is the number one problem in the US, from what I’ve been told by businessmen.

The other thing about Laissez-faire industrial attitudes is: Reagan deregulated industry. Since then, you had to watch what you eat. I remember you could eat steak rare, eggs raw. Cars in the US are junk, compared to the same car sold in Europe. Germany has high food regulations and you can even eat pork raw.

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