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I loved you article to the upmost. It brings me back to my younger days. I grew up in a nondenominational Christian church, married a Catholic woman, and struggled throughout my life.

My youth reminds me much of yours — somewhat rebellious in heart. I tried to understand the religious point of view. All I got in return was, just believe.

My friends along the way were Black, White, Brown, Jewish, Catholic, and now Muslim. I went to their house of worship. I ate their food. I learned one thing from all of them — they’re all the same — they are like me. I am like them. They love, hate, desire, reject, laugh, cry, and above all they want peace of mind.

It always amazed me, that some live their life without sin, or appear to be without sin, and preach against it. How do they know what sin is if they didn’t experience sin. That was my view point at a young age. Now, I believe some are without, and some are with, and rest of us have to figure it out.

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