Now that we have Trump, now WHAT?

Living in Germany, we get a different perspective of the 2016 Election. Most of the news that comes in English comes over France24, DW, BBC, RT, and CNN. The worst of the news comes over RT (Russia Today), but watching it, you get a little bit of truth, not much, but a little. It mostly leans off the left edge ready to fall off. I’m waiting for the plop!

DW (Deutsche Welt) just brings the news, not much else. No opinion, just news. That’s German: give me the facts, nothing else.

BBC gives a British slant on the news. Lately, it’s been about BREXIT, and how it has influenced US election 2016.

CNN coming from the US is dysfunctional. It’s semi-normal from London, and full of opinions.

France24, I like the best. It gives you objective reporting. The Debate show gives you both sides of the coin. I watch it every night.

Now that that’s said, you know where I’m coming from.

What is your opinion of what is to come out of the Trump conglomerate?

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