Why I threw my design award in a dumpster
David Kadavy

Winning awards has two sides to it, much like a razor: a good and a bad side. I won an International Gold Award for Typography. There were six given out worldwide— 1 in Asia, another in Japan, 2 in Europe, and 2 in the US. I won it for a book of poems. Since it was in a dual language, the layout was quite unique and unusual. I didn’t know about the award until the Typographer notified me; he submitted the book. It was a surprise to me. And to my surprise, my colleagues shunned me. When I mentioned it in my resume, it was over looked by most employers. One prospective employer did say, big deal…it doesn’t do anything for tasks. On the good side, I came to realize, it does impress clients. And bad side, I found out, employers are very egocentric and fear awards from employees, and someday you may take their clients away from them. The other thing good about the award, I was asked to teach.

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