ChronoBank — Initial Coin Offering

You maybe thought its not possible to receive bitcoin as salary back then but the TIME has come for its realization and it only needs time for it to happen and by then we can indeed say time is gold.

A team of blockchain developer took their time to seriously innovate for its fulfillment. If you haven’t heard of Chronobank up to this point, take time TIME to read its details below. This innovative digital currency of Chronobank which they call Labour Hour (LH) token will eventually be a valuable asset for investors in crypto and traditional economy, given the fact that it has value, it can also be exchanged to goods and services from professionals in the industries like warehousing, cleaning,
construction, freelancing and more.

Chronobank is an ambitious project to which its objective is to radically change the recruitment industry for which employers and professionals
can work for a time-base digital currency. This time-based cryptocurrency can be use to exchange goods and services like real fiat money to which
can also be exchange for other currencies like USD. And so professionals has the chance to acquire valuable Labour Hour tokens to which users 
could also send and receive without the middle man such as banks or any other financial institution.

For all these transaction to be possible, Chronobank has designed LaborX which basically is a decentralized marketplace for employers and 
professionals to exchange services. The market system will allow users to trade LH tokens upon hiring online and offline professionals.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
The team had been marketing the project for the crowdfunding and to reach out the most targeted individuals and investors, they implemented adwords and facebook advertising for its one of places where people stay to get updated because the ICO will be on December 15, 2016 and will end on February 15,2017. Early investors by the way have some bonuses so join us and be part of this great revolution, invest to us!

TIME token distribution: 
88% for TIME crowdsale for the investors
10% for Chronobank Team and Development
2% are for advisors, earliest adopters and contributors.

Author: enhu, 350984

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