Indorse : Decentralized Professional Social Network

A new platform was introduced by Attores, a Singaporean blockchain company, which revolutionizes the shape of professional networking.

Indorse is a reward-based, decentralized social network where you can share your data and earn from it. It is usually compared to LinkedIn. The good news with Indorse is that you still keep ownership of your data and you have an opportunity to earn from it.

The platform uses internal rewards (Indorse bucks) and a reputation system (Indorse score) to incentivize users when they add their claims or accomplishments and endorse others. That’s why it’s very important that the user adds a link to his documents or videos when there is an update so that other users can check them and verify. When verified, he will then be endorsed and will get the opportunity to earn. One can put several skills since there is no limit in the skill endorsement but the claims should be accurate and valid otherwise the user will be flagged and his score is reduced. A users claim is endorsed by another user using an anonymous endorsement protocol, which uses zero knowledge proofs and a randomized data source provided by Oraclize.

A little background on how Indorse started according to David Moskowitz, Co-Founder and CEO of Indorse, Co-Founder and CEO of ATTORES: “Indorse was conceived from our work at Attores, a company my cofounder Gaurang and I started in 2016. At Attores, we have been placing diplomas on a private ethereum blockchain for a Singapore polytechnic (a technical college) and helping the students push their e-certificates to professional networks like Linkedin.

We soon realized that there was something fundamentally broken with the current model of content creation and remuneration for the creators of that content. Specifically, professionals looking to publish their skills which are certified by trusted institutions (which we were working with), but additionally non-accredited or independently acquired skills such as coding outside of a classroom.

Additionally, the way current platforms handle the ownership of user’s data was not in line with our values as we believe that the ownership of the content they publish should remain with the user who created it.”

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The crowdsale is almost over, join now and be one of the investors of this project. Check out what this project is made of on their whitepaper and learn how profitable your investment will be in the future.

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